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ISABOLETAS (an NFT Collection)

ISABOLETAS (An NFT Collection)

To collect an Isaboleta NFT:

  1. Go to the collection page HERE 
  2. Follow steps on collection page to buy one, or two ;), of your liking

About the collection:

This collection consists of 100 NFTs. Each asset in this collection is unique and was digitally handmade.

Since I started painting in 2015, I have been portraying female figures to express my own self and to honor the women around me. With this NFT collection, I’m looking to create a universe of female characters, the Isaboletas, within the NFT community.

When I was gaining recognition over the years, people began to call my designs “Isaboletas.” I fell in love with this term, since it represented the beginning of a world that gave my art life and connected it back to mine. Therefore, I’ve decided to officially name this NFT collection, Isaboletas.

This collection is a series of numbered "instant photos" that go from 001 to 100. Each design is unique in its own sense of style and it’s meant to celebrate diversity and femininity. The use of “instant photo” layouts is meant to represent how the medium captures a moment in its rawness.

In this collection, 90 Isaboletas will contain the same elements but with different backgrounds, outfits, photo frames, beauty looks and accessories. The remaining 10 are rare Isaboletas that contain different elements from the other 90.

  • 90 Isaboletas have the same elements, with different combinations that make them unique from each other.
  • 10 Rare Isaboletas only contain elements that will not be repeated in any other Isaboletas.

Every week I will be dropping 5 new NFT’s until I reach 100.

The first NFT owners of each Isaboleta will have the possibility to order a signed, certified,  high resolution print.


Launch date - Sunday, January 16 at 12 PM (VET) (Venezuelan Standard Time)

Where can I buy an Isaboleta? - Open Sea > Collection > "Isaboletas" (without the ')

Total Isaboletas - 100

Price per Isaboleta - 0.15 ETH

Price per Rare Isaboleta - 0.2 ETH

If you want to pay in USD, please contact us at isaboletas@gmail.com for more info 



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